SLC Ballet accepts new students year-round. Current students are evaluated for level promotion during the spring semester class showings. Level placement is the decision of the faculty and is evaluated on skill, ability, musicality and focus.

For students ages 3-10, placement is by age. Students who are dancing en pointe should schedule a placement class.

SLC Ballet offers students in our Upper School several levels of participation.

Our Pre-professional program includes opportunities in Youth Company and/or the Competition Program. Required classes vary by level, and include Foundations, Character, Modern and Conditioning. Registration packages include Youth Company and/or Competition, plus a 10% discount on additional curriculum classes.

Interdisciplinary students are also required to take the Foundations classes, and may take as many or as few of the supplementary classes as desired. Registration options include Foundations class only, Foundations and a 10% discount on supplementary classes or Unlimited Level 4, 5 or 6 classes.

For students unable to attend our Foundations program, our Recreational Program includes a Saturday Ballet Technique class, and you may take as many supplemental classes as you wish.

Class Attire

Class attire is very important to the art and tradition of ballet. Each level has a specific leotard style and color to wear. This is worn for class and some performances. Class attire can be found under each level page.

Fall 2017 Schedule

Class descriptions and full schedules are available under each class level.

Upcoming Events