Registration Instructions and Policies

Dance Studio Pro Overview

Log In ... New Accounts ... Update Information ... Add New Contact
... Add New Student

  1. We use an online account system, Dance Studio Pro. Click Here to open this system in a new window and begin the registration process.
  2. Enter your email address and password, or reset your password if needed.
  3. If this is your first time, click Create Account.  You will first search for your account, then create a new one as needed.
  4. Click Account.  Then click Account Settings.
  5. Check phone number, email address, etc and update as needed.
  6. You may add family contacts from this screen.  These additional contacts will receive notifications and statements.
  7. Click Account. Then click Students.
  8. Update student information as needed.

Account Information ... Payment History ... Online Payments ... Dance Cards

  1. Click Account. Then click Account Settings.
  2. From this screen, you can pay online and see your payment history.
  3. Click Account. Then click Dance Cards.
  4. This will allow you to purchase and/or print available dance cards online.

Newsletters ... Show Information ... Files ... Documents

  1. Click More. Then click Documents & Files.
  2. This area will contain flyers, performance guides, performance agreements - basically any important documents.
  3. On occasion, class files and music may also be shared.

The More Tab

  1. Many useful items appear under the More tab. We invite you to click through and become familiar with this section.
  2. Calendar - there is both an Events calendar and the Studio Calendar.
  3. Absences will allow you to track absences and make up classes. We encourage you to make up all missed classes.
  4. Our Online Store allows you to purchase items such as snack cards, dancewear, show DVDs, and more. You will pick up these items in the studio.

Misha Master Class

Registration Instructions

How to Register for Classes - Online

  1. Use the online registration system if you are paying in full with a credit or debit card.
  2. On the homepage of Dance Studio Pro, click the Get Started button at the bottom of the page.
  3. This screen lists your students, and classes that you are currently registered for. Click Register for Classes
  4. Please read the registration policies. If you have any questions, email us before registering.
  5. Choose the location that matches your age:  Adults, Levels PB-2, or Levels 3-6
  6. Choose the season you are registering for - examples might be Master Classes, Summer, Fall, etc.
  7. Choose the classes and click Enroll Now
  8. Important: Please click Finish Registration Now or your registration will not be processed and you will not be enrolled.
  9. Future tuition charges, listed at the top of the page, may be inaccurate. We charge once per semester, not monthly. The amount includes anything you are currently registered for, even if you have already paid. Please ignore this amount.
  10. Click Pay With Card and complete your registration.

How to Register for Classes - in Person

  1. Please come into the studio to pay with cash or check, or to set up a payment plan.
  2. We will help you complete the online registration, and complete your payment at that time.
  3. Winter Break Hours - December 19 - 22, 630 - 8 pm
  4. Please email or call from December 23 0 January 1.
  5. Spring Hours beginning January 17th: M-F 330 pm - 8 pm, Sat 9 am - 12 pm
  6. Registration Week: January 2 - 5 we will be in the studio from 4 - 6 pm for in person registration.

For Specific Level Information Including Dress Code:

Registration Policies


(1) Spring semester is a complete 20-week program beginning January 9, 2017 and ending June 5, 2017. Performance fees for the Spring Gala are separate. Tickets to performances and DVD are not included. By checking the box or signing this form you agree you are entering intro contract for the Spring Semester in all its entirety. Missed classes can be made-up within the same semester. Spring Break is factored in and cannot be made up. Students who miss class or withdraw before end of the semester are still obliged to pay full semester's fee, whether they are paying in full or installment plan.

(2) Payment for the semester is due with completed registration before student's first class. Accounts not paid in full by January 9th will be placed on hold until arrangements are made for an installment plan. Student's participation will be declined until full tuition or first tuition installment is paid (including late fees, if applicable).

(3) Discounts: Level Pre-Ballet - Level 2: 10% discount given for all classes beyond the first class. Levels 3-6: Discounts are given for multiple classes. You must register for the level Foundations class, all other classes are discounted 10%. The highest discount is the unlimited class package, available until January 31, 2017.

(4) Installment Plan consists of 5 payments equal to the Full Tuition amount. Installment plans must be set up in person before the first day of class. The first payment of 20% is due on or before the first class. The remainder will be due Feb 15, Mar 15, Apr 15 and May15. Tuition is non-refundable.

(5) Fees and Late Payments: Installment tuition paid after the due date is subject to a 5% late fee. To register, any regular tuition balance must be paid in full. To hold tuition over to next semester, a $25 credit fee is charged. Late pick-up fee of $25 charged if later than 15 minutes.

(6) In the case of serious injury, long-term illness, or schedule conflict, credit may be extended for future classes at SLC Ballet's discretion. Requests for medical credit must be made in writing and accompanied by a physician's certificate stating inability to continue classes within seven (7) days of knowledge. The medical credit will be considered from the date it was reported to the SLC Ballet office.

(7) Photography and Media: In my signing of this form, I give permission for an indefinite period of time for my child, (myself if over 18), to be photographed, filmed, and/or interviewed in a Salt Lake City Ballet Children's Academy supervised environment for the sole purpose of promotions for SLC Ballet.

BY CONTINUING the registration process, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the above statements. My child is in excellent physical health and physically able to attend SLC Ballet Children's Academy program.

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