Preschool Dance (2 Year Old Classes)

Mommy and Me: The perfect introduction to dance and movement design for toddlers and a caregiver. Explore dance, movement, music and creativity!

Preschool Dance (Ages 3-4)

Pre-Ballet: A fun introduction to the beauty and artistry of ballet, students will discover foundational ballet steps, increase their loco-motor skills, explore creative movement activities, and develop their musicality and spatial awareness while fostering independence.

Pre-Jazz/Tap Class: Students will experience both dance forms while developing musicality, coordination and flexibility.

Which Classes Should I Take?

Students in Preschool Dance have three choices - Pre-Ballet and Pre-Jazz/Tap Combo Class, and Mommy and Me classes for 2 year olds with a caregiver.

You may take as many classes as you like!

Suggestions for your 1st semester: take either Pre-Ballet or Pre-Jazz/Tap. If you prefer to take two classes, take one of each.

Suggestions for your 2nd semester: take both Pre-Ballet and Pre-Jazz/Tap.

Dress Code

All Students Please Remember the Following:

  1. You must wear street clothes over your ballet clothes.
  2. Bring a water bottle.
  3. You must have at least one class leotard for class showings, performances and events.  You may wear other styles of the correct color most days if you choose.

To Order from

  1. Click Here for their website.
  2. Click "Find My Dress Code" on the top left under "Students"
  3. Enter TP49485 in the search box.
  4. Below the map, click "Dress Lists" under SLC Ballet.
  5. Select your class from the drop down menu.
  6. Add the items you need to your cart.
  7. During checkout, use the code TP49485.
Click here for boys/mens dress code.

Register Now!

Spring Registration is Now Open

Classes begin January 9th

Preschool Dance (2 Year Old) Class Schedule: