Level 3 (Ages 9-12 and By Placement)

Entering Level 3 at SLCB is a transition and the most critical time of the student’s training as the classes cover fundamentals of ballet technique. The dancer’s mind and body has reached the preparedness where we can introduce more professional ballet training which requires focus, attention to details and consistency. We believe that, no matter what the student’s goal is in ballet, they deserve nothing less than quality ballet training and education. Unlike many other dance studios, training at SLCB encourages patience, articulation, and the use of intelligence in movements. Students are reminded that they come to class to study, not simply to exercise their body.

Our Level 3 classes meet together for technique, and then are split into Level 3A (Pointe) and 3B (Pre-pointe). Classes at this Level are required twice a week.

Ballet: Intermediate ballet technique is introduced with more challenging combinations. Classes include a strong focus on developing ankle strength and stability in preparation for pointe work in Level 4. Students are aware of accurate alignment and execution of steps, which enables them to expand their technical vocabulary and adapt to new combinations. This class meets two days a week, and students are able to add character dance, and/or jazz to their schedule if they choose.

Pointe or Pre-point: Students will begin introductory work towards Pointe work. Once a student is ready, they will be moved to Level 3A and will begin to work on pointe technique.

Character: Much of classical ballet is character, or folk dance. Students are strongly encouraged to take this class as part of their ballet training.

Stretch: In stretch and conditioning, dancers will develop greater flexibility, strength and endurance.

Jazz: Increase your range of dance vocabulary and movement by adding Jazz to your schedule. Our jazz class supports classical ballet training.

Which Classes Should I Take?

Students ages 9-12 may take Level 3B classes without a placement class. If you have at least 2 years of ballet experience and/or up to one year of pointe please please email or call and schedule a placement class.

We offer classes for students through three different programs: The Pre-professional Program (including Youth Company and Competition), Interdisciplinary Program and Recreational Program.

Pre-professional, Youth Company and Competition Program Requirements

Interdisciplinary Program Requirements

Recreational Program Requirements

Dress Code

SLC Ballet is updating the dress code. Leotards and tights will be available to purchase the week of August 14th in the studio. Website will be updated shortly.

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Level 3 Class Schedule
Ages 9-12 and by Placement

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