Cora Lazalde

Beijing Dance Academy

Teaching Strech and Conditioning

Cora Lazalde is a certified Classical Chinese Dance teacher, and received her dance diploma from Beijing Dance Academy in China. She started her dance training at age 3, and studied ballet, Chinese dance, and modern dance with Yang Su Zhen Dance Conservatory under Su Zhen Yang and Yu Ling Du (National Taiwan University of Arts, Dance department). Cora has attended summer intensive programs and been coached in Classical Chinese Dance and Han Tang Chinese Classical Dance (Ancient Chinese Dance) in Beijing Dance Academy.

At age 17, Cora started teaching Chinese Dance, and her very first choreography received 1st prize in Chinese Dance category in High School Dance Competition in Taipei Taiwan in 1997; Cora and her students were also invited to performed on TV shows. In the United States, Cora also had her ballet training with Carolyn Anderson Barnett, Alexi Zubiría, Regina Zarhina and Mikhail Tchoupakov.

She also has attended many world well known master class workshops such as Vladimir Tsal from Mikhailovsky Ballet. Cora also co founded the Utah Chinese Dance Association in 2012.