Salt Lake City Ballet

Why SLC Ballet?

We believe that if you are going to dedicate your time, effort, and money to dance, you ought to be getting professional quality training. Whether your child aspires to dance in college, professionally, or recreationally, their training should be excellent. We offer that and more.

SLC Ballet is a friendly, fresh and professional environment where your child receives excellent dance training and performance experience. They will also gain confidence by cultivating an identity rooted in values of hard work, self-discipline, persistence, dedication, friendship, pursuit of excellence, humility and respect - all values inherent in ballet training.

Friendships are made, life skills gained alongside a special athletic and artistic endevour: ballet. For parents, the school offers flexibility in scheduling, affordability, excellence, and a great community to be a part of.

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"It is a great school. Hands on. Ms. Terry is very kind and a wonderful instructor. I give the school all five stars, they honestly have their students best interest at heart." - Jehovana Pierre

"I love this studio. We looked long and hard for a great ballet studio for my daughter and I was so glad when I found one that taught technique correctly instead of just focusing on performing"

"I love SLC Ballet! It is great for young kids just starting out, and a fun place to make friends, but it is also somewhere to work hard, learn correct technique and develop discipline. I love how all the students get to put on full-length performances together. Since it is a small studio, the students have the opportunity to try out more principle roles than with a bigger company. On top of that, with Youth Company, they become even more experienced dancers with a lot of fun performance opportunities. The studio is a wonderful community for not only students, but parents as well." - Colleen Lasko

"SLC ballet is a wonderful studio with amazing teachers who are dedicated to teaching ballet technique. They have great adult classes and master classes for the older student who just wants to drop in and take a class!"

The Vaganova Method

The Vaganova Method is a classical ballet teaching tool that was developed by Agrippina Vaganova between 1916 and 1948. A precise technique and system of instruction, Vaganova emphasized dancing with the entire body, promoting harmonious movement among arms, legs, and torso. Tenets of the method include the development of lower back strength, arm plasticity, and the requisite strength, flexibility, and endurance for ballet.

In terms of pedagogical training, Vaganova concentrated on precision in a teacher's instruction, particularly when to teach what, how long to teach, and in what amount. Vaganova rigorously planned each session beforehand. Thus, her lessons moved rapidly, taking dancers through difficult and interesting routines. She made sure to explain the reasons behind each exercise, so that students could do the necessary steps and also describe the correct form and explain the exercise's purpose. This fostered understanding enabled them to correct their faults.

Following Vaganova's death in 1951, her teaching method was preserved and the Imperial Ballet School was renamed the Vaganova Ballet Academy in recognition of her achievements.